Blade & Soul is coming to Russia and will be published by Innova. The Russian version has also got its Founder’s Packs and I think it’s worth doing a comparison for the RU version and NA/EU version. I intend to not compare the price because the market is very different. Let’s focus on the rewards.

The table below is 3 different Founder’s Packs of the Russian version

The image below shows 3 different types of Founder’s Packs of the NA/EU version

Blade & Soul

So generally the packs of the 2 versions give very similar rewards. There are some differences though, that the Russian version give accessories (only for the Guru Pack) and gems that directly enhance players’ combat power while the NA/EU version give convenient items such as potions, food, repair tools. Besides, the RU version offers higher level of premium bonus. Things can the NA/EU version has but the RU version doesn’t include the voucher to reset your character’s appearance, extra character slots, name reservation slots, etc.

So if you ask me which version I prefer, I’d say I like the Russian version if I’m going to purchase a pack because it gives you gear and gems that boost your stats at the beginning. But from the standpoint of average players who are not going to purchase any packs, they probably think the NA version is better because the rewards are mostly convenient items and cosmetics.

So what do you think about all of this, share your opinions at Blade-Soul.com, we are happy to have a discussion with you.