Blademaster is easily my favorite class in Blade&Soul and the one I’m having the most fun while I’m playing. It can played either as a tank or DPS and while there is some difficulty in learning the combos, the end result is quite rewarding.

I made this guide based on my own experience and from advice I took from other players. In that point I would like to say that there is no perfect build, regardless of classes. The only perfect build is your own build, the one that suits you the most, nobody’s build is perfect, because even with a “perfect” build, you’ll still get defeated by someone who is more knowledgeable than you in terms of their own class. That’s why you need to keep practicing, learn from your mistakes and eventually find the build that suits you.

Blademaster PVP Skill Guide

This guide is for lv45 players with Hongmoon level 0 and doesn’t include legendary skills. So let’s start…En garde!!!


This is in my opinion the only good skill tree in block. It decreases the blocking period (from 4s->2s) but in return it allows you to damage your opponent on a perfect block and also reduces the cooldown to 1sec making it more spammable. You can also invest one more point, if you want to heal on a perfect block, but I don’t recommend it since the healing amount is insignificant and you will be needing that skill point to spend on other skills.

Blademaster PVP Skill Guide

Charge is a MUST-HAVE skill for any BM. It generates Focus, it can be used to close the distance between opponents and finally its added bonus is really good!
Except for the 2s stun which is quite neat, the movement speed buff for 8 s is extremely useful in both PVE and PVP. Mobility is very important in a fast paced action game like Blade and Soul and high mobility will surely aid you significantly in your battles.

Blademaster PVP Skill Guide Blademaster PVP Skill Guide

Quite useful skill which knockdowns opponents, worth spending one point to increase its range.

Blademaster PVP Skill Guide

I chose that tree for its added cc effects, because if my experience in MOBAs and MMOs has taught something, it is that the side who usually wins is the one with the most cc abilities and that tree offers all kinds of cc.

First of all it is a distance closer skill, it dazes opponents and also knocks them up, if they are dazed or stunned (wombo-comboing with itself) and finally the disable defense bonus is quite sweet.

Blademaster PVP Skill Guide Blademaster PVP Skill Guide

Shoulder Charge, now that skill tree is a really good one and worth investing three point in it. It dazes for 3s and the first two paths which I also recommend- heal you and remove bleeding stacks. The first path has higher damage and lower cooldown than the middle one, but in the second path the skill becomes AOE. Personally, I went with the first tree, because of the increased damage in comparison to the other and because I mainly play 1v1 duels and not group pvp.