This guide is mainly meant to help Blade & Soul players who don’t have much time on their hands and they want a fast and efficient way to farm gold and equipment every day.

Also, if you finish those dailies and still have time to spare, you might want to check the
daily dungeon guide.

This whole daily run took me only 47 minutes to complete, solo with a bladedancer.

Misty Woods

Best Daily Quests to Do in Blade & Soul

Firstly you want to find the noticeboard of the area, so you won’t have to go receive the quest from each NPC individually, the noticeboard is located inside the green circle.

Start by defeating the Field Boss which is pretty easy and you can do it easily by yourself.

Then go complete those two quests which include killing ten mobs each
Proceed to the next marked area and kill the mobs and then you can complete the dungeon there too, it might take you a bit longer if you’re solo, but it’s nothing to difficult.

Lastly, go kill the Big Boss in the middle of the map and once you’re done, go receive the rewards from the individual NPCs, located to the camp at the right side of the Big Boss.

Now, you’re done with that location, time to move to the next area

Orchard Of Souls

Best Daily Quests to Do in Blade & Soul

First of all receive the quests from the notice board which is located near the position where you teleported.

Then go and defeat 10 mobs, located south of where you are

Then travel north and defeat the mini Boss, you can easily do this solo

And lastly go to the last location and slay the last mob. Be careful that last one is particularly difficult to solo, so I recommend having more players nearby or go in a party.