I think a system needs to be in play to remove a player as the GM of a guild. I have noticed several time in beta that someone starts a guild and does nothing but keep all the resources the guild acquired for himself / herself.

I have also noticed GM will go inactive and fail to pass the GM touch to another player, thus the guild fails apart.

Generally, if you think about how the current Guild System currently works. A player can easily exploit the system for his or her own personnel Albion Online Gold benefit. I believe the guild system was designed for players to work together and not to be used as a personal way to acquire money/resources. Thus I think if there was a way for a guild members to vote if the GM should stay the GM this would greatly improve the Guild System.


– Keeps leadership in guild active.
– Stops a player from manipulating the Guild System.
– Gives members of the guild a feeling of ownership of the Guild.
– Forces the current GM to care about lower tier members of the guild.

You guys are forgetting the root issue here, if your in a MMO, you have access to a large number of players to run this exploit on. Yes If you join a guild and the leader is clearly running the guild for his profit then you quit. But with the massive amount of other players in the game he just recruit more and does the same thing over and over. Take your personally feeling out and think about this as a developer / game designer.

Albion Online Guild Master Selection

The Deadlord GM had a fit and decide to remove everyone from the guild thus keeping all the guild resources for himself. Is this fair to the other guild members? No. Members of the guild didn’t do anything wrong he just was having a bad day and hated the world. Now think about this after game launches if a player keeps all his stuff in a guild territory and his GM just boots everyone, how likely would the player quit the game? Its pretty likely..

Another example is a way a friend of mine would make money in this game was to create a fake guild and just invite a lot of new players he would find in the starting areas. There is nothing wrong with this but he would just do this on a alt character and just milk the newbe’s for Cheap Albion Online Silver. Clearly his not intending to do anything with the guild then just using it as a source of income. How is this not a exploit of the game? Remember when the game launches there is going to be a large amount of newbe’s to exploit.

Furthermore think about how any organization or government is structured in RL. When do you ever have a organization that has no way/ mechanic to remove bad leadership? A organization should live and die soul from one member.